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250 x 24 hour bleed-through Aviation Compliant Labels & Backing Stickers


  • $213.00

Save time by automating the return of VIC's with 24-hour Identity Security's aviation compliant bleed through labels.

How it works

1. AVMS 8 VIC Issuing Module will produce a unique print file with a 24 hour expiry date and time.

2. Peel off the sticker and place onto the backing sticker to activate the labels bleed through process a point of visit.

3. In 24 hours the pink will bleed through the white sections of the label to automatically expire the VIC and therefore their visit.

4. A 24 - VIC is not required to be recorded as returned. AVMS 8 will auto-close the visit after 24 hours saving administrative time and therefore costs.

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